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Playa Marbella (Playa Frijolar)

Playa Marbella (Playa Frijolar)/Playa Coco, Marbella, Guanacaste, Costa Rica is 88 kilometers (54 miles) from Liberia Airport and about a 1.5-hour drive.  Nestled 1/2 way between Tamarindo and Nosara, it’s one of our 5 hidden beaches, and the perfect location for your own slice of seclusion.  If your idea of heaven is beautiful, secluded, laid back tropical beaches, then look no further. Marbella is rapidly being discovered as a hotspot for world travelers and surfers and offers 2 beaches side by side, with its sister beach, Playa Coco.

Playa Marbella

Since Costa Rica’s Guanacaste province is renowned for its pristine black sand beaches, the entire Pacific Coast beaches of Guanacaste are known as been nicknamed the “Gold Coast,” Costa Rica’ has a world reputation as a premier surfing destination due to the fact that our beaches are less crowded than those you find in Hawaii, Sydney or California.

Playa Marbella, World Class Surf Spot

According to Federico Pilurzu, 2006 Central American Surf Champion and ASP Member, “Marbella is the most consistent beach break in the North Pacific Coast ”.

Marbella offers two incredible options for surfers: Playa Frijolar and Playa Coco.

Playa Frijolar is a left hand point break, featuring great waves ideal for beginners and fun for experienced surfers as well.

Playa Coco is a beach break featuring peaking A frame waves and incredible barrels. This area is great for all levels of surfing, and when big… excellent for the more experienced surfer.

Marbella, our once-sleepy fishing village has grown in popularity,  still offers surfers our secret hidden gem of one of the most sought out surf beaches in the area. Off-shore winds help provide sustained surf breaks.  Marbella beach is a pristine black sandy beach, great for that morning kilometer walk, or just watching the surfers run to catch the first morning wave.  Have breakfast, lunch or dinner at the Tiki Hut overlooking the beach, enjoy the serenity, relax with a tropical drink, or toast the sunset each night.   For swimming or body surfing, the waves can reach several feet in height in steadily oncoming swells during high tide.

Playa Pitahaya

Playa Pitahaya/Playa Concava, Marbella

For casual swimming for older adults and children we recommend another one of our hidden secrets that Marbella holds, Playa Pitahaya.   Nestled in a cove, the waves are calmer and medium size, allowing you to swim and float in a more relaxed setting.  Depending on the time of day, wear water shoes because sometimes the entry into the water is full of crushed shells.  Once on Playa Pitahaya, over to the right is Outlook Mountain, or our version of Lover’s Leap, which you can drive up to on a narrow path, and witness one of the best viewing spots for the nightly sunset,  bring a picnic lunch and enjoy!   Below Outlook you will see Marbella’s Concava Beach which is great for walking, fishing, or camping.

Playa Azul

Playa Azul, Marbella

Playa Azul is worlds away from the developed beach Resorts farther up Guanacaste’s coast. Within Playa Azul are 30 private villas, a hotel, and a 20 unit condominium complex. There are no salesmen, hordes of sunbathers, or noisy discos to contend with.  It is the perfect place to relax all day and wander the pristine and solitary beach, but the waves are very strong here and swimming is not recommended.

Playa San Juanillo


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Just North of Marbella are Playa Lagarto, Playa Venado, Junquillal, Negra, Avellanas, Tamarindo

To our South are San Juanillo, Ostional, Nosara, Guiones, Samara

15 Minutes South is Ostional, the home of the Ostional Wildlife Refuge and is a famous location for turtles to come and lay their eggs.   Turtle tours, swim with the turtles,  and fishing tours can be arranged from here.   San Juanillo is a favorite among locals and tourists, and you will find San Juanillo is a popular destination offering watersports. Guiones/Nosara is another great surf beach, with many restaurants, bars, and hotels.

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