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Economic Crisis: Time to invest in Costa Rican Real Estate?

For centuries, a history of economic crises has infested the financial world. For example, Tulip Mania swept the Netherlands in the seventeenth century.  Both the collapsing of the stock market in New York (1901) and the devastating World War I induced the continuation of the Great Depression in the first half of the twentieth century. Later, in 1987, the shocking Black Wednesday distressed the financial world once again. Ultimately, the crash of dot com explosion, as well as the late 2000 recession, provoked this last economic crisis where the world has found itself during the past three years. The point being, during slow times, property prices basically lower from the actual value, especially in Costa Rica.

            Why is this moment essential to invest? Over the past years, the banks have frozen the majority of loans and mortgages which led to the foreclosure of many houses and properties in the United States.

            Consequently, a similar type of real estate freezing has occurred in Costa Rica with a similar effect that demonstrates a positive gain. First off, according to Reuters (an on-line news page), since 2008, the prices of houses and properties have plummeted from a range of thirty to forty percent which means cheap properties. Following the same source, even brokers such as JP Morgan have become interested in real estate investment in this same geographical area.
            Maybe in the United States, the construction business has also frozen, but here in Costa Rica, new hotels, condominiums, apartment buildings and houses can be seen all over the seven provinces, not by an incredible rate, but a turtle rate, especially in the mountainous and beach areas.
            Although the world finds itself in a type of economic depression, think about history. The financial world functions by a cycle of ups and downs, of expansions and depressions, so where will the investor be when the expansion starts, which indicates high prices in the real estate market? The time is now or never: get a piece of the pie to make a wise investment in CR. Own your dream
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