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Guanacaste Information

Beautiful pristine beaches, fascinating National Parks and a great variety of activities, including sport fishing, scuba diving and world class surfing, wait in Guanacaste, one of the biggest provinces of Costa Rica, with an extension of over 6800 square miles.
Going from the country's Central Valley to Guanacaste is like if you were traveling to a different world.
The mountainous winding roads gradually become flat, the humid green vegetation, gives way to the tropical dry forest and the mountains vanish in the horizon.
Guanacaste is, without hesitation, the richest coastal area of Costa Rica , with more than 200 kilometers of Pacific Coast . It offers its visitors the gift of nature: from pristine beaches to rocky points covered with tropical dry forest.
Here you find modern and gourmet restaurants. You can rent sport fishing equipment, go parasailing, scuba diving, or water skiing. You can play golf on courses designed by PGA professionals, or you can spend the night in a discotheque, or your days shopping.
The region known today as the Cantn de Nicoya is part of a vast territory that was occupied by the Chorotega tribe during the pre-Columbian era. It was part of Nicaragua until 1824, when on July 25 the party of Nicoya decided to be part of the State of Costa Rica by popular election. Guanacaste is an essential part of the Costa Rican heritage. It has preserved its own culture and folklore. The name of Guanacaste derives from the nhuatl (native tribe) word cuauhnacaztli, which means "place of the ear tree.
Clearly referring to a distinctive tree in the region whose seed pod is shaped like a human ear, this tree also has the honor of being Costa Rica 's national tree.
The weather is hot most of the year, but like the rest of Costa Rica the region has two well defined seasons: dry and green. Temperatures are constant throughout the year, even during the green season, ranging from 21 and 33 C.
The dry season is from November to March. Bathers can work on their tan, while flowering trees create a colorful backdrop. The "green" or wet season is from mid May to November. Even during the green season showers are mainly during the late afternoon or night, there is still a lot of sun to catch!
Surf in the Gold Coast
Guanacaste is a well-developed destination for surfing, also recognized internationally, offering up waves suitable for beginners to advanced surfers.
Its perfect blends of tropical temperatures, warm waters and good breeze have created prime conditions for practicing this sport all year round, being the rainy season the best time for excellent waves to satisfy every taste.
Among the most famous beaches for surfing are Frijolar Beach and Coco Beach , better known as Marbella Beach . Half a mile of A frame beach break barrels you may say a surfing session here is heroic.
Courtesy of CATURGUA
Guanacaste Chamber of Tourism
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