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Robert August Surf Blog‏
Surf in Marbella BeachClick here please for read more:http://robertaugustsurf.wordpress.com/2014/02/13/surfing-marbella/
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Bull Riding and Bull Fighting Culture: Guanacaste, Costa Rica
Ole, ole, ole. . . Well yes, the Spanish influenced the bull culture (riding and fighting) given that the Spanish colonizers first arrived through the Gulf of Nicoya which is located in Guanacaste, Costa Rica.   Lets fast forward to 2010. Today, the bull riding and fighting culture represents the heart of Guanacastean popular culture. Each district or county holds patrimonial, local parties where each towns bull riding and fighting ring attracts Costa Rican citizens and foreigners
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Why invest in Costa Rican Real Estate?
Although foreign, unknown doubts appear in the mind of an investor or developer, Costa Rica provides a vacation or retirement paradise for any individual or family; first to invest and enjoy, then to resell the property to make a profitable gain.   Following the same idea, each investor questions if Costa Rica is a secure investment, and this moment will show any entrepreneur if the country is really worth the financial risk and value.   Glimmering beach sand, green mountain tops,
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Economic Crisis: Time to invest in Costa Rican Real Estate?
For centuries, a history of economic crises has infested the financial world. For example, Tulip Mania swept the Netherlands in the seventeenth century.  Both the collapsing of the stock market in New York (1901) and the devastating World War I induced the continuation of the Great Depression in the first half of the twentieth century. Later, in 1987, the shocking Black Wednesday distressed the financial world once again. Ultimately, the crash of dot com explosion, as well as the late
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Guanacaste Information
Beautiful pristine beaches, fascinating National Parks and a great variety of activities, including sport fishing, scuba diving and world class surfing, wait in Guanacaste, one of the biggest provinces of Costa Rica, with an extension of over 6800 square miles.   Going from the country's Central Valley to Guanacaste is like if you were traveling to a different world.   The mountainous winding roads gradually become flat, the humid green vegetation, gives way to the tropical dry
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